Happy Jo Twins Day !

/Annyeong chingu's\

Kyaaaaaaaaaaaa~~ Tk sangka datang juga hari ni eh ? Setelah setahun menunggu #ceh
Yah , straight to the point je lah ekk ? Tak mau panjang-panjang~


To Jo Twins 

Annyeong my two sweetheart ^^ , how do you do? Fine ? I hope also ~Kyaaaaaaa , you both now are 17 years old .. Omo >.< , big than me .. Keke^^ ..Hope you have a great time in your birthday party okay ? Bestfriends  from around the world are here to support you guys and BOYFRIEND .. And me to , always be at your side forever .. I never will forget you Jo Twins , because you are everything to me .. My heart and my soul .. Without you , i'm nothing .. I'm useless.. But , after you both came to my kpop world , my world become lighter with fun .. You guys make my day feel happier .. And when i watch your faces , i become a monster with no heart because see your handsome pic .. Omooo~ Daebak twins that i've met .. So , Jo Twins .. I hope you both will have a great birthday today nae ? So , i done with my qoutes here okay ? See you later Jo Twins !!
Aja-Aja Fighting !! Hwaiting~~~

Yahh , abis sudah qoutes aku dekat Jo Twins .. Wahh , bukan main lama aku karang bende tuh untuk Jo Twins tersyang xD .. hehe ~~
Walaupun lambat wish , tapi okeh lah daripada tk wish langsung ann ??
Hurmm , oke lah .. Smpai sni je dlu entry kali ni .. Act . aku nak tunjuk hadiah Jo Twins jer dkat korang .. kan dah janji nk bagi MV punya kan ?

So , ppyong !

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